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Europe, One Step at a Time: A Journey by Joseph KootEurope, One Step at a Time: A Journey by Joseph Koot [book cover]

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In Europe, One Step at a Time, the reader joins me on a 6,000-kilometre hike from southwest Portugal to northeast Estonia. With my retirement came the opportunity to take six trips to Europe to fulfill the dream of walking each step of the way across that continent.

Unfortunately, a gang assaulted me in a park soon after I started on this adventure. I returned home to heal my wounds, gather my courage and return to the trail more determined to reach that faraway goal.

Morning sunshine could bring the twitter of birds, or a thunderstorm might doom me to being splashed by passing trucks. Finding a bed for the night proved challenging, but hiking vast distances was rewarding.

In the rhythm of placing one foot in front of the other, my brain reviewed old memories as I came to terms with the challenges of my early years. The reader can join me on the two journeys: one took me along a path across Europe; the other led through the recesses of my mind.

Reviews of Europe, One Step at a Time: A Journey

I could visualize the fields, hostels, people you met, the architecture of the different countries, food you ate, struggles with different currencies…Congratulations on accomplishing this pilgrimage across Europe! Few people would complete such a goal! What a legacy to leave to your children!

Helen Hebert

It’s well written, flows well and has been judiciously edited… I’ve enjoyed your observations and descriptions of your surroundings and the people you’ve met.

Clare Christie

(Clare Christie is co-author of My Dear Alice: War Letters 1937–1950.)

The detail and insights that you describe allow your readers to feel that they are right alongside as you walk alone, or talk with a waiter, or puzzle about which path to take next.

Layton Fisher

Just finished reading your foot journey book and enjoyed getting acquainted, sometimes re-acquainted… with the many places you worked your way to, through and out!

Afiena Kamminga

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